We realize that managing wealth is a long-term commitment that involves a series of investment decisions. In today’s world of complex financial issues, it requires more data, time and expertise than most people have to manage their own assets diligently. Our advisors, and the independent professional managers that we recommend, focus their entire careers on managing assets. Additionally, they have access to ever-improving technology and research.

Our Managed Assets team provides financial advisors and their clients with asset management programs, technical analytical support and, most importantly, a widely recognized process that will lead clients down a path toward wealth management. We work as partners with clients, foundations, endowments and ERISA plans, walking them through a tactical process of organizing, formalizing, implementing and monitoring.

Utilizing our financial plan, we develop a unique, long-term investment strategy for you. Our strategy is created through our belief in complete and total open architecture. We are not bound to the basic investment classes of cash, equity and fixed income. We understand all investment vehicles are not appropriate for everyone, and we believe alternative investments such as managed futures and private equity make sense under certain opportunities and with careful guidance.

Investment Process

Long-term success in today’s ever-changing economic environment requires you to develop and maintain a consistent investment process that encompasses everything from initial analysis and implementation to monitoring.

We believe in a standardized four-step investment management process in order to get you where you need to go:

Organize – We collect, analyze and review all of your documents pertaining to the establishment and management of the investments that will be the foundation to form your plan. It is our job to help you establish specific goals and objectives that are consistent with your chosen investments. Carefully managed investments will comply with all applicable laws, trust documents and/or investment policy statements.

Formalize – We define and identify the key aspects that are significant to the success of an investment strategy. One of the most important decisions is determining a time horizon and cash flow for your investments. This decision will help lead you down the appropriate path to determine the most effective investment vehicles and your risk tolerance. We will also create an Investment Policy Statement (IPS), which will allow you to see a formal, long-range strategic plan.

Implement – The work completed in the first two steps are put into action. This will ensure the selected investments are appropriate for your portfolio size and are consistent with the overall risk tolerance.

Monitor – Monitoring your investments extends far beyond the pure examination of performance. It encompasses all policies and guidelines developed during the first three steps. We will continually review the IPS, investment time horizon, risk tolerance, due diligence process, asset allocation, investment vehicles and cash flows. We will assist in outlining appropriate measures to evaluate investment managers who are not performing up to your expectations. This will also include a periodic review of fees.