McDonald Trust Services, a division of New York Private Trust, offers a comprehensive suite of fiduciary services. Initially working with estate planning attorneys in establishing client relationships,our experienced professional staff is accountable and accessible to beneficiaries and designated advisors for the life of the trust. As trustee, we offer a competitive open architecture investment management capability. We also bring important sensitivity to beneficiary distribution requests provided for under the terms of the trust document. Our professionals have specialized expertise in understanding applicable tax regulations, as well as having the resources to maintain records and correspondence.

McDonald Trust offers a complete array of trust services, including:

  • Investment Management including non-traditional assets
  • Acting as executor of an estate
  • Administrative trustee
  • Full trustee
  • Trustee of charitable remainder or foundation trusts
  • Trustee of life insurance trusts
  • Asset protection trusts
  • Custodian of Rollover IRA accounts

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Trust and fiduciary services provided by McDonald Trust Services, a division of New York Private Trust Company, which is a Delaware chartered trust company headquartered in Delaware.