The Lowrie Wealth Management Group is a highly experienced team that is dedicated to serving our clients effectively, efficiently, and in a friendly manner. Our practice was founded in 1952 by Ralph String. We’ve maintained our leadership in a changing industry and have experienced just about every situation and life-cycle phase that a client may encounter. Our team has faced a wide range of markets, including extreme conditions. Regardless of the market environment going forward, we’re confident in our team’s ability to perform.

We apply a team approach to just about everything, from understanding a client’s situation, to solving complex financial issues, to designing and implementing strategies that can help you accomplish your goals. Each team member has a defined role based on his or her strengths, which we feel complement one another to deliver a better client experience.

Regular, structured communications are designed to answer the most common client questions: 1) What’s my bottom line? 2) How are we doing? and 3) Am I on track? Because a client’s performance becomes part of our track record, we have an incentive to keep costs lean. As an established practice, we’ll accept new clients only if there is a mutually agreed upon fit.


Our Team: (detailed bios are available for our investment professionals)

Richard W. Lowrie, Jr.

Senior Managing Director


Ronda L. Warner

Vice President & Operations Manager, Lowrie Wealth Management Group


Kim Murphy, CFP®

Senior Vice President